For What It’s Earth

62: Soil: Essential and… Sexy?

September 21, 2021

Join us this week to get down and dirty in the world of SOIL, dirtiness, earthworms, and carbon being burped from our land when we don’t look after it. Soil is important for food production, for water storage and filtering, for improving both our own and our ecosystems’ resilience to climate change, AND HEALTHY SOILS STORE HEAPS OF CARBON. What can we do to a) make soil sexy and b) save our soils? Listen now to find out…


Documentaries/movies recommended in this episode:


Fantastic Fungi 

Fantastic Fungi (Netflix) 

Kiss The Ground 

Kiss The Ground (Netflix) 

Biggest Little Farm

Biggest Little Farm (Amazon) 



Also, check out The Soil Association for more great information about the importance of our soil: 


Great Ted Talk about soil carbon and global desertification: 


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