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60: Slash Your Carbon Footprint with a Green Pension, with Make My Money Matter

August 18, 2021

Did you know that changing your pension provider is one of the biggest ways to slash your carbon footprint?


With over £2.6 trillion in the UK tied up in pension funds, which are often invested by banks in industries like fossil fuels or tobacco, Kenneth and Holly join us from Make Money Matter to explain the power you have by being able to switch your pension to one that invests in a sustainable future instead.


It’s simple. Why would you try to live a low-impact life, but leaving your growing retirement fund invested in practices which don’t align with your own values? Your pension is supposed to protect your future, but if it’s invested in fossil fuels, it undermines it. Switch to a pension provider which invests in renewables or has pledged to go carbon-free - something that Make My Money Matter are campaigning hard to ensure that the whole industry does.


Find out more about MMMM and their fantastic 21X campaign: 


Watch the Dr Bronwyn King TED Talk mentioned in this episode:


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