For What It’s Earth

Save the Butterflies, PLUS getting your nature fix during lockdown

April 1, 2020

In this episode, we find out why butterflies (and moths!) are an essential part of our ecosystems, learn about why they're under threat and in decline, and explore ways in which we can protect these beautiful pollinators from our own homes. As we're also recording separately and practising social distancing, we're also sharing some top tips for making sure you still get your nature fix while in lockdown - whether you've got a garden, window boxes or just the internet to help!


Our Google Doc of things to do to connect with nature while we're in lockdown: 

This list is full of podcast, YouTube, app and reading ideas to keep family members of all ages (and the environment) happy at this time. Got anything to add to the list? Let us know and we'll include it!


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Sources: Butterfly Conservation:


A guide to the best plants for nectar for different butterfly species:


Make a butterfly banquet:


Make fat balls for birds:


How to make a hedgehog feeder:


Inside the Petri Dish Podcast on Coronaviris: 


We have tees! Get yourself a sustainable FWIE teeshirt here:

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